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Tax for an API created order

Hi Clover,

I'm struggling to figure out tax on API created orders.

The closest documentation I could find is this:

But I haven't found any guides or good full answers here on how to 100% handle tax properly for an API created order.

I'm close, I have my api payments adding to 'Tax Collected' in the reporting app, but I'm struggling to get my tax Rates to appear under 'Payments' in the taxes section of the reporting app.

Rather than me explaining what I'm doing/not doing, could I please get a guide/documentation on what I should be doing? We've already lost a lot of time so far trial and erroring, and would appreciate help.

Best regards,


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EDIT: (20th April)Looks like I've been calculating taxes incorrectly on my end, thanks to @Sam for clearing it up over email. Here's a simple website example for VAT if anyone else is as unfamiliar with tax calculation as I am:

EDIT: (13th April)

On testing this, i'm seeing incorrect figures for 'Tax Collected' for the tax rates under 'Payments'. With the following tax rate in my payment, I'm seeing a total 'Tax Collected' of €0.43 instead of €0.47

I'm so lost..

        "name": "Food",
        "rate": 900000,
        "taxableAmount": 520

EDIT: Below is what I see in the web reporting app for an order created manually on a sandbox clover mini dev kit (the register app, not the api). That order simply had a single item (americano @ €2.00), and was paid for in 'cash' via the register app. I'm testing this in Ireland, the merchant is set to Irish with tax already included in the item price. Am I wrong in saying the tax collected for this manual order should simply be €2.00 * 12% = €0.24 (using the Round up => 5 rule)

Cash order taxes for a clover pos cash created order

Old Answer I thought was correct:

I've figured it out:

Reporting > Taxes > Payments

Is made up solely from the payment attached to the order

"taxRates": [
      //The total taxable amount (i.e. NOT the resulting tax amount)
      //e.g. if a coffee was bought for 4.50, the taxableAmount here would be 450
      //I believe it's the total of all the items paid
      //for (following guidelines:, grouped by taxRates
      "taxableAmount": 450,
      "rate": 2300000,
      "id": "THETAXRATEID"

Reporting > Taxes > Net Taxes

Is whatever you set for the taxAmount in the payment

This is where the manual tax calculation comes in

"taxAmount": 103 //e.g. 23% of the 4.50 coffee


I spent a lot of time thinking my 'order' object was incorrect/trying to set the lineItem tax rates to see if that would work.

I also assumed a lot of this tax stuff would be done automatically, considering the clover system is fully aware of the taxes for different items etc, although I don't know enough about tax, so maybe there's a good reason for not auto calculating. I'm almost sure I didn't miss docs or answers on how to do all this, and found the api documentation pretty poor too.

Documentation Suggestion: Official docs fully covering how to create an order covering all the different tax situations would be ideal (With examples on how it may differ between regions).

Thanks, Alan

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Hi @Sam This looks like a bug to me considering cash orders are off too. Is this particular question being followed up by clover? I'm going to submit my apk for a second review but also don't want to cause merchants to report incorrect tax returns. It doesn't look like there's anything I can do about it though. Would appreciate hearing any info on this at all, Thanks

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Thanks for the detailed feedback, @Alan

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Thanks @Sam, the top of my answer has edits with new issues I'm seeing with tax. The result seems wrong whether its an API payment or a cash/manual payment. Can you clarify why the result isn't what i expected? Thanks

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