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Clover module For C#

I am developing a Windows Pos program using C#.

While developing a module to communicate with Clover Flex terminal, there are some questions.

1. Is Remote_Application_ID, Serial Number, and POS_NAME necessary when connecting to a terminal?

If I need the information, how can I get it?

2. You can check the terminal in the [Dashboard]-[Devices] tab.

Is it possible to check the list of all terminals in use in operation on this tab?

3. How can I CloseOut?

The terminal "C042UQ91720730" currently being used for development cannot be closed.

If it is impossible to CloseOut because it is a development account, can I make it possible?

And, can you figure out how to send a CloseOutRequest in C#?

please answer about my question.

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1) Yes, you will want to pass these values.

RAID -, RAID is loosely enforced (in Canada) via a delay in using the Pay Display app.

Serial Number - You already listed your serial number (C042UQ91720730).

POS_NAME - This is a name you specify to identify the POS terminal making the payment.

2) I have no idea what you mean by "in use".

3) There is no manual closeout for Canadian merchants, so no, this cannot be enabled for you. I am checking to see if we auto closeout Canadian merchants in sandbox and if so what time that occurs.

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Thank you for answer.

There are a few additional questions.

1. When connecting to a terminal, is RAID and serialNumber Absolutely necessary?

Even if I put in a random value, it was connected to the terminal without problems.

2. When using multiple Clover terminals, do I have to register and use all the terminals?

3. An error message is often displayed when making payments. what's the problem?

How can I solve it?

"Transaction declined: Error connecting to payment gateway. Please try again later.

Print DECLINED receipt?"

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1) Please just follow the instructions and provide a valid RAID. In sandbox the RAID will not be validated. But as I said previously it will be in production (in Canada). Also, we need this valuefor tracking purposes and in the future we will not allow connections to the device without a valid RAID.

2) This question doesn't make sense, "when using multiple Clover terminals ... do I have to use all the terminals"? When using do you have to use? I don't know what register means. If your merchant has multiple Clover devices, no you don't need to use all of them.

3) There was a problem with our gateway last night, that has been resolved.

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It was very helpful. Thank you.

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