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Application stuck when receiving data from InputStream of TCP Socket after TLSv1.2 integration in Clover Mini 2nd generation.

Hi @Clover_FAQ @Tim Suh

We are receiving the request from Socket in the following formate: (The request is in multiline)
"M_I": "12345678",
"T_P": "heart",
"Con": {"S_Num": "bdhaksdsdbk"}

When we read the data from scocket InputStream via following code:

Scanner scanner = new Scanner(inputStream).useDelimiter("\\Z");
String data =;

Application is stuck on on Clover Mini 2nd generation device.
While its working fine on Clover Flex and Mobile device.

We have already checked it with BufferedReader same issue is happening.Please suggest.
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What's our target & maximum SDK versions?

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Hi @Bryanne Vega

Target SDK version is 25,

Maximum SDK is not defined.

Pease suggest.

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Any errrors, logs or additional details after X amount of time? No timeouts?

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Hi @Clover_FAQ

Is any suggetion on this?

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