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Refund order created on Clover device (Platform API) using Ecommerce API from web app?

We want our web-based help desk application to be able to perform a full refund of an order that was created on a Clover device. Is that possible and if which endpoint(s) should we use.

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We are also dealing with this same situation that was asked and not finding any way to make this work. I'm generating an OAuth Token using the Edit REST Configuration in our DEV UI. I then create a payment using cloud pay display and obtain an order_id. I'm then using the api interactive tool to attempt to refund that order using the ecommerce create refund option. But I'm still getting 401 unauthorized

I have ecommerce clicked on in the dev ui. Can you please advise if this is actually possible?

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What permissions does your application have?

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Thank you for the quick response.

Under Requested Permissions, every option that can be checked is; the read and write boxes for every existing option and the new E-commerce "enable online payments" option.

Under E-commerce settings, I have API selected as the integration type.

Under the Merchant Dashboard, my email is set with full permissions as an admin.

To confirm, the OAuth2 Bearer Token is what we get back from the in place of the code query string param called, '#access_token=foo' when I have Default Oauth Response set to TOKEN, correct?

And one followup, The ecommerce API uses the term 'Charge'. Is a charge_id the same as a payment_id on the legacy system?

Thanks again for your help.

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You should be able to, see if this helps

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I understand the first element in the items array but what is "parent" in the second element?

--data '{"items":[{"amount":1800,"description":"Test item #1","quantity":1,"type":"sku"},{"amount":3000,"parent":"Test item #2","quantity":1,"type":"sku"}]}'

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