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Can't login into sandbox with correct credentials. (Guess problems is clover engine 2087)

Hi there,

I'm facing problem with login into sandbox with correct credentials.

My guess It's because com.clover.engine-2087.apk from(dev apks) works not with sandbox environment.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create new Emulator

2. Download and setup com.clover.engine-2087.apk and com.clover.appupdater-1160.apk from

3. Go to settings and add Clover account

4. Try to login with your Sandbox credentials. You will get error "Check your login credentials".

Also I've noticed that Engine app has title Clover(STG) and not Clover(DEV). Maybe this helps you to investigate the problem.

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David Marginian Deactivated answered hardikadroja510 commented

This is a known issue, that we are working on. Use an older version of engine for now.

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Which version to use? Can you tell me exact version number, please?

Also, as I understand, even if I use old version of engine, it will be updated after sync.

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You may want to ask in the original thread - The dev there said he had a few work-arounds.

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Hi David,

I am using your suggested apk file.

App Updater: com.clover.appupdater-1160.apk

I can login into sand box account using android emulator. But there is syncing problem. My new orders and its payments are not sync with main system. I can not see these orders and payments into website.

Can you please advise here like any problem with com.clover.engine-2077.apk and my App Updater com.clover.appupdater-1160.apk right ?



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Hi David,

Can you please advise like do we need to use which old version use for everything working ?

Right now we are using below old version.

App Updater: com.clover.appupdater-1160.apk

Here we have synchronization issue because our added Orders and its payments are not syncing with main system.

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I commented on your other identical post that I did try that APK it it worked (synced everything).

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Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your advise. I am using below version.


  • App Updater: com.clover.appupdater-1160.apk
  • Clover: clover.comeengine-2077.apk

I can login with 2077.apk file with sandbox developer account but orders are not syncing into sandbox developer account.

Here I am attaching one screenshot so you will get an idea.

Here "User & accounts" screen login with sandbox developer account and it is right. Here displaying DEV.

Here "Register" screen. There is display like STG.

Can you please more advise like how can we set sync the orders and its payment for the sandbox developer account ?

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