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com.clover.engine-2087.apk looks to have been build for STG instead of DEV

Aloha, installing com.clover.engine-2087 results in the device pointing to your STaGing environment. Using a previous version fixes the issue and correctly points to your DEVelopment environment, but as soon as the App Updater runs and updates, version 2087 is installed on top and results in the same problem pointing to STG. Please rebuild for DEV environment. Mahalo

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I pinged release management to see if they have some ideas about this.

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Yes we messed something up. We'll get it fixed ASAP. You can probably revert to an older version in the mean time:

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Cool. Yeah, we found a couple workarounds using older versions. Thanks, looking forward to the next release.

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Hi Jeff,

I am using your suggested apk file.

App Updater: com.clover.appupdater-1160.apk

I can login into sand box account using android emulator. But there is syncing problem. My new orders and its payments are not sync with main system. I can not see these orders and payments into website.

Can you please advise here like any problem with com.clover.engine-2077.apk ?



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We ran in to the same problem. Having the appupdater installed will upgrade you to the latest version 2087. Your data is being sent to their STG environment because of it. You have to install the older version of the engine again after uninstalling the new version. It's a pain. We found it easier download all the apks on their site, install the old engine, skip installing the appupdater, and install all the other apks. A quick web scrape script and shell install script works for us.

Best solution is a new engine build. Jeffery, any update on when that'll be released ?

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No, there's no update.

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I tried the APK I linked and it worked fine. Note that use of app updater on emulators is deprecated. You should be using the script. See:

Note that app updater can't automatically install apps on the emulator so there's no danger of the downgraded version of engine being upgraded.

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Hi! How do I run this script? I've been developing apps in Xamarin.Android for a long time, so I'm new to Android Studio. The guide is quite short to realize how to run it. Could you give me some more info please?

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Do we need to use which version of apk ?

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I linked and tested 2077. You can probably use something older as well. I just picked the last release before 2087.

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Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your advise. I am using below version.


  • App Updater: com.clover.appupdater-1160.apk
  • Clover: clover.comeengine-2077.apk

I can login with 2077.apk file into dev account but orders are not syncing into sandbox developer account.

Here I am attaching one screenshot so you will get an idea.

Here "User & accounts" screen login with sandbox developer account and it is right. Here displaying DEV.

Here "Register" screen. There is display like STG.

Can you please more advise like how can we set sync the orders and its payment for the sandbox developer account ?

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New build looks to have been released. v2091

Just tested a fresh install.

Installed the new engine:
adb -s emulator-5554 install ./clover-apks/com.clover.engine-2091.apk

Installed the "old" app updater:
adb -s emulator-5554 install ./clover-apks/com.clover.appupdater-1160.apk

Verified web hook receives events.

Verified Register App and Order App display DEV and do not display STG.

Verified order placed through Register App fires web hook events and data displays in clover web portal.

Will continue to test and mark this issue resolved if no issues arise. Thank you for your hard work Clover Team !

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Thanks for sharing.

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