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[Urgent] Sale and Payments App Crashing on new Clover Station PRO devkit

We are facing issues while using Clover Sale & Payments app on our new Clover Station Pro devkit which was delivered to us two weeks ago. Basically when accepting credit/debit payments via the Sale & Payments app, the app completely freezes and the device becomes unresponsive until its restarted. Please check following videos showcasing the issue.

Here are some details about the devkit & apps,

Model: Clover Station Pro C503

Environment: Sandbox

Serial Number: C053UQ00360352

OS: Android 8.1.0

OS Logs:

Sale app version: 1.0-223

Register app version: 1.0-1495

Payments app version: 1.0-365

Please check following screenshot for more information on software & firmware versions

Things we tried:

- Reboot device

- Check for software updates

- Factory reset the device

This issue is blocking us from accepting payments using Clover Android and Connector SDKs as both SDKs use same apps under the hood to process payments. Please let us know if we can provide more information in order to help debug this issue. We would like to get this issue resolved as soon as possible to meet our clients' requirements. We have reported the same issue to dev, support & semi-integrations teams via email but we are yet to receive any response from them.

PaymentsSalestation pro
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It looks like you are missing an application required for the Station Pro to work. We will get that pushed to your merchant tonight.

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I just pushed the required app to your merchant. Please let me know when everything is working for you (or if not).

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Thank you. It's working fine now.

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