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USB Host connection, UsbManager.openDevice security exception

Hi folks, we are currently trying to connect a USB device to a sandboxed Clover mini. I get the following exception when calling UsbManager.openDevice on the device:

08-04 17:17:09.529 1769-1781/? I/UsbPermissionProvider: call( +call method: hasPermission
08-04 17:17:09.537 1769-1781/? I/UsbPermissionProvider: isAllowed( +isAllowed method: <OUR PACKAGE> UsbDevice[mName=/dev/bus/usb/001/028,mVendorId=1899,mProductId=21543,mClass=0,mSubclass=0,mProtocol=0,mInterfaces=[Landroid.os.Parcelable;@41aee168]
08-04 17:17:09.545 1769-1781/? I/UsbPermissionProvider: isAllowed( checking AppUsbDeviceTable
08-04 17:17:09.546 1769-1781/? I/UsbPermissionProvider: isAllowed( allowed = false
08-04 17:17:09.548 1769-1781/? I/UsbPermissionProvider: call( device: UsbDevice[mName=/dev/bus/usb/001/028,mVendorId=1899,mProductId=21543,mClass=0,mSubclass=0,mProtocol=0,mInterfaces=[Landroid.os.Parcelable;@41aee168], package: <OUR PACKAGE> (10072), allowed? false

We have asked for the device to be whitelisted (submitting it's product ID and vendor ID), and were told this was done. Any chance you can confirm that this is the kind of error we might get if it was not correctly white-listed? Or could this error be the result of something else?

Thanks a lot :)

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What's your package (you can PM me if you want)? And the VID,PID is mVendorId=1899,mProductId=21543.

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Hi Jeff thanks for the quick response, I've responded to if that's cool

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@Dan what is your model can u please explain.

Dan we want to communicate android device with Clover Mini. do u have any idea about that kind of communication ??

i have asked clover team but they are saying they did not work on that kind of stuff. so i have to find actual implementation myself. I though you did a research on usb so u might have any idea that might help me to achieve communication

below is the link where i have asked from stackoverflow but sadly no response.

any help would be very highly appreciated.

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You need to PM me directly. Sadly I don't know who owns

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Thanks Jeff I actually spent ages figuring out I had to click on my own profile to pm you :) Should be in your inbox now.

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I think I am running into a similar issue, @jeff. Do you think you can help with the whitelist process too? I will privately message you.

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