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Error Setting Up Clover Emulator

I have been having trouble setting up a Clover emulator and Clover device (Galaxy Tab 4). In both cases, I downloaded the newest versions of Clover and the App Updater, installed them, and then attempted to login. That is where my problem occurs. On both the emulator and physical device, I receive an "Unfortunately, Clover has stopped." message after clicking on "Clover" under "Add account" in the Settings application. The emulator was set up according to Clover's emulator setup instructions, and the Galaxy Tab 4 meets these same specs (API 19, 7" screen, 1280x800).

Has anyone encountered this problem? Has anyone found a solution?

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Capture logcat and include a pastbin link to it please.

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Also, what version of Clover engine.apk did you install? 1794 or 1804?

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Here is a link to the The Clover apk version I used was 1804.

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It is currently required to run the script, regardless of which environment you are going to be using. You can find more info about the script here:

Do make sure that you also download the Engine and App Updater APKS from the same environment your merchant is in, or you won't be able to log in with your merchant credentials once you get to that step. You can read more about that here:

We can't promise that everything will run properly on your physical device - sometimes subtle system differences create problems. However If you install the correct Engine and App Updater, and then run the targetnewenvironment script on the emulator, selecting the proper environment from the CLI options, and you are still getting a Clover has stopped error, let me know.

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