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Error Message FORBIDDEN on app on Clover Station 2018 only

Several merchants reported a new problem in Clover Station 2018 with one of our apps. The app failed to start due to this error:

W/EmployeeConnector: on service failure: ResultStatus{statusCode=FORBIDDEN, statusMessage=App doesn't have required permission: package xxxx does not have permission EMPLOYEES_R}

This app has been around for years without permission problem and we didn't change permission or even update the app.

While the same app works on many other Clover Station 2018, but not for these merchants. One merchant has multiple Clover Station and Flex. The app works fine on Flex, but not on any of the Stations. So far the problem only happens on Station 2018. It feels like app installation problem on the account or device, but they have uninstall the app several times, also rebooted device, none helps.

Can you take a look this problem? This definitely is a new problem, probably have something to do with the permission on the device or the server. can you please take a look ASAP?

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Can you add a few of the affected serial numbers in a private post? Preferably for merchants that experienced the problem today. Otherwise, you will have to have them send us device logs (help app on device, menu, diagnostics, send device logs).

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All 3 the merchants you listed below are in your "Easy Labels" release group (there's a total of 4 merchants in the group). Can you try rolling back those merchants to your published app version?

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