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Webhooks for categories and modifiers


I just noticed that clover webhooks are not fired for any changes in categories. This seems to also be the case for modifiers. Only an item change is notified via webhooks.

However, webhooks do seem to fire for new categories added. But, not for updates which is strange since webhooks do have the support to identify among updates,inserts and deletes.

I also noticed similar posts made about this issue where developers are not clear about what event actually trigger a webhook and no clear explanation from clover in the responses. It would be appreciated if clover can give a clear explanation of:

1) What types of webhooks are sent (categories, items, etc...)? and

2) What type of changes are supported for each of the above (inserts, updates and deletes)?

3) How many webhooks are triggered per supported change event? (we noticed weird behavior where we get two webhooks for a change in an item of a single merchant where the webhook is only configured for one application)

Thank you

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Frank Faustino answered

We list all the events and event types that are tracked by webhooks in our documentation here:

At this time, only Inventory item (not category or modifier) events are tracked by webhooks. The reason you're seeing the webhook fire when adding new categories is possibly because you're modifying the item's categories field, which should trigger an Inventory Update webhook notification.

To answer your third question: there should only be one webhook notification per event.

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With all due respect to Clover development team, I sometimes fail to understand why Clover completely ignores the third party developer needs. They are based on real demands of their clients. One good example of that is the issue of not receiving webhook notifications for modifier changes. This issue has been debated since 2016 and 5 years later it is exactly the same as before. Worst there has been no explanation of why it is so - just that it is what it is.

As a practical example, for an online ordering application, that caches clover inventory in its own cloud and relies on the webhooks to keep changes made to the inventory in clover consistent always gets out of sync when the merchant changes the prices to modifiers. I have other examples also (e.g. not allowing merchants to turn off smart receipts) but this issue is particularly crucial.

Are there any plans to extend webhooks to modifiers and categories as well? Some help/insight will be very much appreciated.

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Couldn't agree more!

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We have an open issue for this, and I certainly agree it is something that should be available. I think this may be closer to realization now as I think some modification webhooks may be in place internally. I am going to see if we can get some attention to this matter.
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Hi David,

That is good to know. Thanks for the update. Atleast after 5 years - the issue may finally get resolved:-). Is there a timeline for its availability?

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