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"Semi Custom" Receipt Printing

We've tried to get a simplified receipt printing. We heard of Receipt Registration and looked at the example and its seem more complex than necessary.

We are trying to avoid fully customized receipts because the compliance requirements are very tricky.
Examples of this trickiness:
1. In Canada receipts may need to be printed in French. GST and such is differently named in Canada.
2. In UK, Business location information needs VAT/Unique Company ID.
3. EMV has its own requirements (we have seen a community post addressing this). That itself is an example of complexity involved.

Clover as Platform seems the best positioned to implement the compliance needs of the receipt.

Receipts are legal requirement in many localities. So if our app needs to print a receipt correctly with Orders, it needs a minimum of Register Lite plan. This is because to create an Order, app needs to create Item on the Inventory.

With that as the background, we want to show what really we like print:
1. App provides the Order Line Items (without need for Inventory) -- We want to provide a raw line item data using Order object.
2. Then underlying printJob to print all the payment information that will come thru.

In other view, we as app developers, we want maximum distribution so targeting Payments Plus but want to leverage Clover's Receipt printing formats.

This will be extent of our semi-customization. Of course some text at the end, we can use smart receipts.

Also, preferable if available on PaymentConnector.

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Any guidance on this question?

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