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(Clover Mini, Android) capturePreAuth does not call the callback method (onCapturePreAuthResponse)

(Clover Mini, Android)

I'm trying to do capturePreAuth, however the behaivour is so weird, I made two implementations, and any of them don't work. Can someone help me, maybe I doing something wrong. thanks.

First implementation:

I have a background service running each 30 seconds, in this service I call the method, on this implementation always onCapturePreAuthResponse (the callback) is executed, however if someone is writing on the android keyboard during capturePreAuth is happening, the keyboard goes away, how can it happen? why?.

Second implelentation>

I moved the implementation into a fragment, the problem here is almost never onCapturePreAuthResponse (the callback) is executed, so the application gets stuck.

I basically have the same implementation in both cases:

   //I call this method when the fragment or service is ready 
   public void initPaymentConnector() {
       if (paymentConnector == null) {
           paymentConnector = new PaymentConnector(getActivity(),
                   this, BuildConfig.APPLICATION_ID);

   // IPaymentConnectorListener Methods 

   //Sometimes this method is called and sometimes is not
   public void capture(CapturePreAuthRequest request) {


    public void onCapturePreAuthResponse(CapturePreAuthResponse response) {

   //When the device is connected, I got the captureData and I call 
   public void onDeviceConnected() {
   // Presenter
   public void getCaptureData(IReceiptOptionsContract.IView callback) {
           getCaptureData.execute(new UseCaseObserver<CaptureEntity>() {
   protected void onSuccess(CaptureEntity r) {
           //... Some validations
           CapturePreAuthRequest request = new CapturePreAuthRequest();
           request.setTipAmount(new Long(0));
   public void onError(Throwable e) {
           ErrorUtils.send(e, "Could capture, could not get capture data.");
           }, null);
   //Capture call
   public void capture(CapturePreAuthRequest request) {

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David Marginian avatar image David Marginian ♦♦ commented ·

Are you trying to do all this work on the UI thread?

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vhernandez avatar image vhernandez David Marginian ♦♦ commented ·

No, I'm not, actually I saw the clover's call code and there is an AsyncTask, however my methods are happening in other thread.

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David Marginian avatar image David Marginian ♦♦ vhernandez commented ·

I'll take a closer look at what you posted later, but if this is in a fragment and you are posting complete code it doesn't look like you are firing off a new thread.

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