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Can't see app in sandbox marketplace, can't re-associate dev kit, getting 401s from oAuth tokens.

In a "lead" account, I am able to see the Market Listing for our app. In our other account, I get a 404 when clicking on the Market Listing for the same app. The Merchant that is associated with the Dev Kit in question is the one currently associated with the other account. URL giving 404 in second (dev kit associated) account:

I have tried deleting and recreating the app a few times, as we are also running into the issue where freshly granted oAuth tokens, with a variety of different test merchant IDs from the lead account all produce 401s on any attempts to use them against the ReST API (at using the token either in url parameter (?access_token={token}) or as headers (from your ReST documentation, e.g. 'Authorization':'Bearer ' + authToken).

Additionally, we are unable to dissociate or re-associate the Dev Kit; in the lead account, the interface is broken, and no extant test merchants populate in the dialog (the same test merchants that do let me preview the app in the market, uninstall and re-install the app on the dev sandbox website, and with their merchant IDs, obtain new but seemingly broken oAuth tokens).

I have assigned all permissions to the app in question (and thus tokens?), and to what extent is possible, uninstalled and reinstalled the app from the test merchants on the lead account; I suspect this is ineffectual since I cannot seem to see the app on the actual dev kit device or with the test merchant, in the web interface, that appears in Help => Diagnostics => Additional Details (Clover ID ZHTCDDRDAR8D1).
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