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How to add custom field for inventory using API?

I am creating one application in which I have integrated clover APIs. I want to add one custom field for one of the type of inventory, which should be set using V3 APIs.

e.g. Suppose any merchant is having 10 categories but willing to hide any of the category for time being due to some issue. Then I am giving one hide option from the WebApp which is integrated to clover. But now I have the question is 'how to maintain this hide/show flag' which is not provided by clover but I am willing to add as custom.

Thank you in advance. Suggestions will be appreciated.

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Hey Chetan, I want make sure I am answering the question you are asking. Did you want a collection (category) of items in the inventory to be hidden from the merchant?

If that is the case you could get the items in the category that is return and mark those individual items as hidden.

Please let me know if that helps with what you want to do.


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Thank you for answering James. But actually I don't want to make that items hidden from the merchant, I just want to make some mark for that items by using that I can easily identify that this item has been created by using my application as there are some functionalities depending on that.

Thank you once again for your kind help.

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