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How to search with "LIKE" key, missing "employee" webhook

I am trying to provide functionality for searching across clover devices for employees, services, and customers. I wanted to use your REST API, but it looks like filters are pretty strict and do not support things like the "LIKE" statement.

I figured the best thing to do would be to have a webhook that listens to updates/creates/deletes, and have a database that syncs with clover. Is this a good design pattern?

Because of this, I would need a webhook for employees, but that does not seem to be available now?

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Really would like some help here. Is there another stream I need to go through to get help?

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Hi - +1 on this one.

A way to "search" on Customers would be really helpful. In particular, if I'm able to run the filter on "emailAddresses" or "phoneNumbers" that would do it.

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