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Unable to delete freshly created order on sandbox emulator


I have the latest emulator packages and I executing this code (minimalized version) in an IntentService:

Order o = orderConnector.createOrder(src);

It was functional other days. Now when I revisited the project I am getting:

com.clover.sdk.v1.ForbiddenException: status code: 403 Delete order failed for order: Order{json='{"total":0,"clientCreatedTime":1486164257287,"createdTime":1486164257287,"manualTransaction":false,"state":"","currency":"USD",.........} Make sure Delete Order Permissions are set for this account

I am logged in as admin on the device and the application has all rights. I have also created a new quick Android app with new package name (since ) and freshly sideloaded the app. Note that I am aware about that the application must be first installed to the merchant, sync done and only then sideloaded to get correct rights... I also DO have other rights requested (app is operating ok, creating orders etc).

Was there any change, or is that a bug?

PS: I am getting the impression that the sandbox environment is not in very good condition, which makes the development hard... for example:

  • I am unable to delete existing application as a developer since the app thinks it is installed at merchant devices, but the list of merchants shows 0 installs (and I have checked this also for each test merchant).
  • When I issue 'delete tender' command from the application ... the new state is not synced back to the device until manual sync
  • Order update listener is not notified about a web payment done on an order
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@jeff, please do you have any idea about not being able to delete new order? Thank you

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@jeff I am also receiving this error. Why can I not delete an open order with orderConnector.deleteOrder(orderid)?

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This is a known issue we're working to fix (Internal: SEMI-722). We will update this thread when the fix has been rolled out. In the meantime, please us our REST API

DELETE /v3/merchants/{merchant_id}/orders/{order_id}

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