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Create order works on sandbox but not in production


  "href": "{mId}/orders/MACCSY2T6Z5DW",
  "id": "MACCSY2T6Z5DW",
  "currency": "USD",
  "employee": {
    "id": "..."
  "taxRemoved": false,
  "isVat": false,
  "manualTransaction": false,
  "groupLineItems": true,
  "testMode": false,
  "createdTime": 1465872705000,
  "clientCreatedTime": 1465872705000,
  "modifiedTime": 1465872705000

POST on{mId}...

  "elements": [],
  "href": "{mId}/orders?filter=stateIS%20NOT%20NULL&limit=100"

I've tried POST with different data:

{"note":"...","title":"...","orderType":{"id":"..."}, "state": "..."}

Each of them work on sandbox.

Is there a reason why on production it would return the same as doing a GET /v3/merchants/{mId}/orders and not create an order ?

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Any specific errors?

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