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ADB can't connect to Clover Station

I'm trying to connect to a Clover Station, bought as a DevKit, for app debugging. I've enabled developer mode - it didn't arrive with developer mode enabled - and the docs suggest that adb should be able to connect to it on port 5555.

It can't; adb connect returns an error that the connection attempt was refused. I've tried this over WiFi and Ethernet; I've tried telnetting to port 5555 on the device and those connection attempts are refused as well.

I've rebooted the Clover Station and things remain the same.

The device is registered to my Sandbox account OK and I am able to run my "Hello World" app on it by uploading it and having the device download it.. but it sure makes for a long compile/run cycle.

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TCP debugging always requires that you have regular adb first in order to run "adb tcpip...".

If you were able to enable developer mode that means adb is allowed on the device. If it's pointed to sandbox that means the devkit conversion worked. So AFAICT it's working okay from our end.

Is "usb debugging" enabled in developer options?

Does the device show the "usb debugging connected" notification?

Can you try with a different host OS? Which are you using?
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daveknell avatar image daveknell commented ·
Thanks, Jeffrey - I've got the debugging up and running.

My confusion was that I've a Clover Station 2018 which does have a USB port as opposed to a Clover Station which, as far as I can tell, doesn't.
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Jeffrey Blattman avatar image Jeffrey Blattman ♦♦ daveknell commented ·

Yes I should have asked that. Station 1 requires a special debugging cable that splits out to a USB-A used for debugging. Station 2018 has a micro USB port for ADB, under the ring, behind the display that folds out.

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Hi @Jeffrey Blattman, I am unable to connect my Station to adb via wifi. How can I obtain this special cable you mention? Thanks in advance!

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