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Unable to configure webhook URL getting error "Unable to reach callback URL"

When we use ngrock on our local server and test, it works fine. But when we replace the ngrock url with our Production URL it gives us the "Unable to reach callback URL". Please confirm if web hook works only with virtual URL and not with absolute URL.
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Hi nilesh_varma,

In order to better assist you, can you please provide steps you took to get to this error message? When you say you replaced the ngrok URL with your production URL, did you do that in the Webhooks settings page (see screenshot below)? Also, at what point are you getting the error "Unable to reach callback URL"? When confirming the Webhook URL in the Webhooks settings page?

Webhooks will work with absolute URLs, just as long as they're a publicly accessible endpoint that accepts POST requests.

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Yes i get the mentioned error on this above screen. For eg. if I use ngrok url : then it works but if replace with my server url then it gives me error. For below URL i am getting the error : . This site has valid SSL certificates. I am also able to reach this URL by Postman. Kindly advise.
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Lauren Worthington avatar image Lauren Worthington ♦ commented ·

Hi @nilesh_varma,
The url you provided as your server url shows a warning that the SSL certificate is invalid. Please note that the documentation for webhooks states that Clover supports only HTTPS-enabled callbacks.

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@Frank Faustino I am getting the same error.This is my url and its working fine on Postman.Please help.

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Bryanne Vega answered
In the header (use postman) check if your server is returning "200 OK" in the response code.

That's the only thing I'm figuring might be going on.
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