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Register App cannot be installed on devKit

We got a devKit recently to test our Integration with CloverPOS. When I setup the devKit some apps were installed, but Register App was not installed. When I try to go to the register app from "More Tools" I get an error that you can see in the image below.
"Requires Another Plan"

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When you say integration, do you mean you have your own POS software you are hoping to run on the Clover Station?

Semi-Integrations (Non-Clover Terminal with Non-Clover POS software which utilizes a Clover device for Card Processing) and Native Integrations (Clover Terminal/Clover Card Processing with Non-Clover POS software) are limited to the Payments Plus service plan which does not include the Register app.

See Service Plan documentation here:
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We don't own a POS software, we actually want to send orders to Clover POS using the Clover API. So customer selects orders using our mobile or web platform, and then using REST apis for orders, line_items, etc. we create the order and send it to Clover POS.

That's why we need to have access to Clover POS apps such as Register app to be able to test our integration. I'd appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot,
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Understood, thank you for the clarification.

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@zgreathouse So with that definition we are creating a full integration that required a full Clover POS. How can we test that on our DevKit?

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Upon further investigation we have confirmed that your device is associated with a Canadian Merchant account. At this time Canadian Merchants are limited to the Payments Plus Service Plan which does not include the Register App.

See our docs on which Service Plans are avialable in which countries here:
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Hi @zgreathouse, we're having the same issue switching plans in the sandbox dashboard. Ours is an EU/Ireland Merchant account, so it should be possible, but when I try changing plans it just pops an error message. Would it be possible for you switch us to a plan with the Register app?

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Please see our Merchant Docs on changing your Service plan here:
(See Section titled: "Change a service plan")

If you run into any problems or have any additional questions please let me know.

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@zgreathouse Since we are developing for US market, can we change the test merchant account to US so we can get access to the Register App?

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The Country which the Merchant was set to upon creation cannot be edited after the fact. However, you can make another Test Merchant who's country is set to US. Once finished you will need to disassociate your device from your Canadian Test Merchant and associate the device with your US Test Merchant.

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@zgreathouse We just created a test US merchant location. Can you please help us disassociate our device and associate it with the new merchant?

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