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Metered Billing. Editing not allowed: understood. What about adding a new metered tier?

It is not entirely clear from the description in metered billing whether it is "locked" completely after app approval or it is just the editing of price/description of an approved metered tier is not allowed.

In other words, if the app is approved with : $0.99 per "foo"

Is it possible to add another metered tier at some point? $0.49 per "bar"

On that same note, if the app is submitted with "$0.49 per bar" disabled initially - is it possible to "enable" it at some point, or does this also fall into the "editing" category?

Obviously merchants would have to be notified of a change and opt in.

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Once your app is published, you cannot add, edit, or delete metered billing events.

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I 100% agree with @jonathon on this

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While this may be a correct answer, I do not think it should be considered an acceptable answer. The idea that app makers should be able to accurately predict the correct price for their apps from in advance to infinity is somewhat absurd. Does Clover plan to never change the pricing on Clover products? Markets change. Pricing needs to reflect the market. My opinion is that Clover needs to step up to the plate and address this. It's in everyone's (merchants, app developers and Clover) interest, that prices can change to reflect market realities.

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thank you. this is needed badly. Im not sure what to do for our app because of this limitation. I dont want to re-release under a different app and dont want to make users install additional apps just to add functionality to an existing app. We only knew we needed the functionality after the app went live and we got feedback.

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I created an internal issue to make this possible. I can't give an ETA on a fix however.

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