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Approaches to metered billing

I have read in another post that metered billing cannot be changed once an app is launched. Is it possible to change it for new merchants on a going forward basis?

For example, I am thinking that I would want to launch with a free or very low cost plan to entice initial merchants to sign up. Once I am through the initial phase, I may want to raise the rates (I certainly would if I started with a free plan). It would be fine to leave the initial merchants on the low or free plan.

Ideally it would work like this: 1) First five merchants would get a free plan. 2) I would raise rates substantially in order to provide a disincentive new sign ups during the "beta" period. 3) Then, I would lower rates to get new merchants to signup. 4) I would possibly raise rates slowly.

Can this be achieved? Are there any documents on pricing strategies?

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Hi Jonathan,

It sounds like the scenario you are describing would be a subscription plan-based scenario, in which case your plan is possible. You can add additional subscription plans, and once these plans are added, you may enable or disable them at your discretion. Any merchant on subscription plan #1 would be grandfathered into this plan, even if you disabled this plan for new merchants. Any new merchants would only be able to sign up for plans that you have enabled.

Metered billing works differently. You cannot add, edit, or remove metered billing once your app is approved and has at least 1 install. There is currently no way around this at this time. Therefore, if you plan to make use of metered billing, it's important to think through this as you determine your pricing structure. In this respect, subscription pricing will offer you much more flexibility in the future.

You can see more here:

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