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Remote Pay Ios Closeout Request not working on Mini?

I tried use remotepay ios sdk to send closeout request to clover mini but got no response. All other requests works fine. Did I miss something ? (Need enable manual closeout?)
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It is not necessary to enable manual closeout on sandbox. Even upon failure, there should be a response coming back on onCloseoutResponse(). Is this never firing?

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I didn't see any response captured by "OnCloseoutResponse". Before I tried closeout with remotepay.ios v1.4.3 didn't succeed so I checked internet found comment said that ios Closeout API disabled on Mini platform. So this time, after I integrated with V3.0 sdk i want to give another try. Still failed. So I am wondering if it's me did something wrong.... (I can use all other normal functions of SDK )
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I have filed a ticket and will check up on this for you.

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