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Possible to only use the CC transaction related to the payments API?

  1. Clover platform has specified a detail spec of APIs that can be used for the entire business process from ordering to transaction management. (Orders, Inventory, Employees etc) However, we require only CC transaction management. we do not intend to store our Order details in clover and nor will we be sending such details over via their API. so is it possible for us to use only CC transaction related Payments API (!/pay...) without using the other API's.

Ex: In order to perform a payment transactions does it required to have the order details?

  1. Is the API cable of handling both online and card present transactions? please share an example request for each type of transaction.

  2. Can you provide more documentation that explains each field in the Model schema used in the Payments API and each field in the response. for e.g

for .e g!/pay... has a detailed JSON request. is there any documentation that explains each of the fields used in this request. what are the mandatory fields? what are the accepted values , what is the purpose of each field?

  1. Since, clover provides the entire solution (including devices), what is the mechanism of handling card present transactions such as a SWIPE card? how does this process look like in Clover?

  2. Can a card present transaction, initiate from a web application to the clover devices? and how can the response be communicated back to the web application/webshop? for e.g

  3. What is the validity period of a API token?

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Creating CC processing on the Clover Mini using java sdk tools, we are facing issue to create handshake with the Clover Mini, the documentation is not clear enough as how to create the handshake using CloverConfig We have the deviceURL (assuming its the IP:8443), oauthToken(YES), domain (??), merchantID( YES), device SerialId(YES), clientID(Optional and not required since no app is required) What parameter is the domain it is referring to is not known. POST to the IP:8443 does not works and nmap shows all 1000 ports are closed. CloudPayDisplay app is installed, what is missing?? Thanks

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If you are interested in integrating your point of sale equipment with Clover devices for the purposes of taking payments you should sign up to join our integration program here: if you haven't already.

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Jacob, We have the sandbox unit and the Java docs but issue is the process to handshake with the device is not clear in the api, Any help be much appreciated since we have lot of mutual merchants waiting for this to roll out asap.

Thanks Naveen@astpos

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