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Issue with Semi Integration of the Clover Mini device using Remote Pay Cloud example in the Sandbox environment

This is Dharani working as lead developer in Liquid Payments organization. We would like to semi integrate with clover mini device with model name Clover Mini 3G and Model Number c301.
As I'm on Windows 8.1 and semi integrate the device using Remote Pay Cloud mentioned in the url and downloaded the cloud examples and trying to run the cloud example in the sandbox environment and followed the steps accordingly mentioned in the URL. Note: Device configured based on the US with EST time zone and Development team working from INDIA (i.e. device exists in INDIA)
Problem:An error has occurred and we could not connect to your Clover Device. Could not send alert to device.While I tried to run http://localhost:3000 I got the CORS issue and I resolved the issue by setting the params in the Settings-> WebConfiguration->CORS DOMAIN(Optional) to http://localhost:3000 and Default OAuth Response: CODE. Still the issue exists after resolved the CORS issue and c onfigured params in the CloudExample.js.
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Hi @Dharanisappa,

I'd be happy to look into this issue for you. In the meantime, please fill out so we have a better understanding of your intended integration and provide the correct support. Please also provide me the full device serial ID. Thanks!


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