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Clover Mini USB Pay Display Connectivity


I'm trying to connect my clover mini to my development laptop but am having problems, I've done the following steps:

- I've activated the clover mini, and installed the CloverUSBDriverSetup on my laptop.
- I connect the clover mini to my laptop using a USB connection and then launch the USB Pay Display app on clover mini.
- USB Debugging is showing "connected" on the clover mini
- On my laptop (Windows 10) under Device Manager the Clover Devices is recognising "Clover Mini Merchant Mode"

However when I launch the the USB Pay Display app I get an error "! Not Ready" "Please make sure your USB Cable is plugged in to both devices". Where am I going wrong? I've tried different USB ports, to reinstall the drivers and reboot the PC.
Clover MiniUSB Pay Display
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What was the solution?

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I was like 2 hours changing cables and restarting devices. Then I run the SDK program and it start working.

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