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Clover MINI: Android Keyboard Options

Our APP targeting CLOVER MINI is used as a self service payment Application which is expected to leave in reception area for users to come and pay for the services. So the APP loads in KIOSK mode (CustomerMode) and no merchant involvement in general use.

Further, I have created a completely separate Role (disabling all the permissions) for general public use and therefore strogngly not expecting the general users to access settings area etc.

Problem is the soft keyboard that loads for normal EditTexts that expect user to enter text (reference text etc) is providing the button to change "input options" and therefore users can access keyboard settings through that. So they can change language and all other settings from here and since the device is in KIOSK mode no back button and fully stuck in there.

Question 1).
Is there a standard way that can disable input options button in device soft keyboard?

Question 2).
Is there a way to disable the option that soft keyboard provide user to insert Emoji's ?
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Other than writing your own input method, no, you cannot disable that. Writing your own input method is a large project. You could theoretically take the AOSP Android keyboard (which is what you see above), make a small mod and re-package it. Full disclosure: it'd be the first time anyone has attempted to use a custom input method so I am not sure if there are any catches to that.

To be frank, Customer Mode is an incomplete solution to the problem you are trying to solve. It's really only a full-screen mode without the pull down to show status bars behavior you'd get if you just used Android's immersive window flags to hide the bars.

Android 5 has a feature called pinning:

Which really sounds like what you need. Of course Mini is Android 4 so it's not available there. Clover Flex and Station 2 are Android 5 and 7 respectively so if those devices are an option...
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If I decide the option of creating a custom Keyboard then that has to publish separately in CLOVER APP store and download it from there to set it as default keyboard. Is it? Wonder how the APP approval works for thisngs like keyboards in Clover APP Store

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