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Why is my sandbox app downloading eternally?


I've been following the steps at and found my app on the Clover Mini Dev Kit I have in More Tools. I clicked the Download button and its been dowloading for 3 hours now? This is an app with nothing but an empty activity. Is this normal or is there a problem and does anyone know what it might be? Thanks
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Clover apps without a default APK set will not be downloaded to Clover devices.

The fix for this would be to set one of your APK's as default. However, currently you cannot set the default APK for an unpublished app. Since you cannot publish an app on Sandbox, it means right now you cannot have the app downloaded to the Clover device automatically.

I will file a ticket to give developers the ability to set an APK as default on unpublished apps, but for now, the workaround would be to sideload your app into the Clover device, after installing the app to your test merchant.
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Hi Raymond,

Thasnks so much again for the reply.


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Hi Raymond,

Thanks you for the speedy answer. To be honest I'm totally new and thought what I was attempting was sideloading. I have installed this app to my test Merchant Group but do not see any reference to sideloading either on sandbox or device.
Do you know where I go from here then?

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Sure, to sideload your apk after you have installed the app to your test merchant, there is some initial setup required depending on what Clover device you are using. See here for debug setup.

All Clover devices except Clover Station can use the USB cable provided with your Clover DevKit for debugging, while Clover Station has to use Wi-Fi as per the documentation.

After you establish connection with your Clover device through ADB, you can install your apk using:
adb install example.apk

This stackoverflow question provides more detailed commands depending on whether you want to replace an apk, specify a device, etc.
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