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Sending Amount from external POS to Clover Mini using USB Display App works on developer device but not live account device

I am having an issue where I am successfully able to send the Amount Due information to a clover Mini via USB pay display when I am using a developer device. However, when I try the same thing using a Clover Mini with a live account then the amount does not send over to the Clover Mini to display.

Are there certain settings or different files I would need to get this to work on a live account device. Thanks
Clover MiniUSB Pay Display
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What request are you sending through the connector and are you initiating the request after getting the OnDeviceReady callback (and not inside of the callback)?

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@keithryanwong I was sending it similar to the Auth button way from the clover example POS code. But I ended up changing it Sale button method in the same example code and it sent over. Is there a reason for this?

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Can you post the actual code you're using that is handling the button press and the sale request? I'm not sure what you're referring to.

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