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Split by item / split custom amount - Clover API problem

I have developed a custom tender for my Clover device which a bug has been raised against and I need to fix it.

Currently I can pay the full amount of an order which is fine. The problem is I need some more information about paying the "split custom amount" and paying by "split by items". When I select to pay by these the full amount gets paid regardless. I have looked in the documentation but it is not clear.

If I do split by items, when I get retrieve my order, how can I find out which items have been selected by the user? If I can identify which items on the order have been selected then this should be quite an easy fix.

If I do split by custom amount, how do I get the amount that has been entered by the user on the till?

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Hi @alexneem, can you paste some code to show how you are currently using your custom tender?

If you are following the details outlined here (Custom Tender), split by item/custom amount should already be handled. Will you let me know of any differences you find?

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