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Employee and Merchant name printed on receipt

How can we customize the merchant name and employee name printed on the payment receipt? We do not want to use those setup through the settings on the Clover device. Instead we want to use what we fetch from our remote server. Can we customize the receipt with those? OR can we update the Clover settings through our app to update the Employee and Merchant name on the device?
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While you cannot change the name of the merchant, you can (with the proper permissions) modify a Employee's information for good (and from then on refer to what's in Clover's system). You can use `EmployeeConnector` to "createEmployee(Employee employee)" or "getEmployee()" and "employee.setName("foo")".

Alternatively, you can set up Smart Receipts to add extra information at the bottom of merchant receipts, shown here:

Or you can simply add a line to the end of the receipt, shown here:
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I feel the only solution that might be helpful here is:

"getEmployee()" and "employee.setName("foo")"

I do not want to update the employee's information for good, because the same device can be used by different employees in a restaurant environment. So can I call these methods every time I have to update the employee name printed on the payment receipt? Also this needs to be done after the payment is processed or before?

Smart receipts or adding a line at the end won't help, because the default employee's name would then get printed regardless, so it won't solve the problem.

Thank you.

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It's possible to have multiple employees use the same device and keep track of which employee is currently using it. A particular employee can unlock the device with their own unique passcode (which can be set up like so: Once Jane, Jack and Todd each have an employee account and PIN, Jack can use his PIN to unlock the device and take orders under his name, separate from Jane and Todd. Of course, this needs to be set up by the merchant.

The merchant can also choose to not print employee's on the receipt by going through the steps show here:

Let me know if there's any other information I can provide!

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I'll run this by our team and see if this would work for us. Ideally we won't want the Merchant to have to make any changes through the dashboard.

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