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ACTION_SECURE_PAY Partial Payment Follows

The following provides launching Secure Pay with a specified amount (if any) for payment.

Works well except I can't make a partial payment afterwards, I can only pay the full amount on the order.

Any work around?

 * Launch the secure payment activity (Requires that your app has "clover.permission.ACTION_PAY" in its AndroidManifest.xml file)
 * <p>
 * Extras passed:
 * <ul>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_AMOUNT} - amount to be paid (Required)</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_ORDER_ID} - order associated with payment, if excluded, a new order record will be created</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_CARD_ENTRY_METHODS} - allowed payment types, default all allowed</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_EMPLOYEE_ID} - employee conducting transaction</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_TIP_AMOUNT} - tip amount</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_TAX_AMOUNT} - tax amount</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_TAXABLE_AMOUNTS} - tax rates, with eligible amounts</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_SERVICE_CHARGE_AMOUNT} - service charge amount</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_DISABLE_CASHBACK} - disable option for cashback during payment, default false</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_IS_TESTING} - whether payment is testing mode</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_VOICE_AUTH_CODE} - voice auth code</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_AVS_POSTAL_CODE} - postal code associated with payment</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_CARD_NOT_PRESENT} - whether payment card is not present, default false</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_REMOTE_PRINT} - if printing will be delegated to remote device</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_TRANSACTION_NO} - transaction number for payment</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_FORCE_SWIPE_PIN_ENTRY} - if only payment option will be swipe debit, default false</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_DISABLE_RESTART_TRANSACTION_WHEN_FAILED} - if activity will end after failed transaction, default false</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_EXTERNAL_PAYMENT_ID} - external payment id, used for integration with other POS platforms</li>
 * </ul>
 * <p>
 * Result data includes:
 * <ul>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_PAYMENT} - created payment</li>
 * <li>{@link #EXTRA_PAYMENT_ID} - created payment's UUID</li>
 * </ul>
 * <p>
 * Result codes:
 * <ul>
 *     <li>{@link} - payment successful</li>
 *     <li>{@link} - payment not successful (Cancel button)</li>
 * </ul>
public static final String ACTION_SECURE_PAY = "clover.intent.action.START_SECURE_PAYMENT";

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Can you elaborate on how you can't take another payment on the order? You should be able to add payments to the order until it is fully paid. Are you saying that regardless of the amount you send to secure pay, it always charges the order total?

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I started secure pay for $5.00 (tge order total is $25.00). Took the $5 credit/debit/emv payment and it was applied to the order.

I go to Orders and try to add a payment to the order and it only allows me to pay in full the remaining balance.

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Yes this is a bug. I've filed an internal issue.
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