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400 Error "Account not found" when trying to delete an auth

Hi, I'm trying to delete an auth using the v3 endpoint below:
DELETE /v3/merchants/{mId}/authorizations/{authId}

But I'm getting an error with status code 400. The message is "Account not found".
At the same time I'm able to call successfully these endpoints:
GET /v3/merchants/{mId}/authorizations/{authId}

Any ideas why only the first one is failing?
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Miguel avatar image Miguel commented ·

I'm able to get the DELETE endpoint working on my test merchant account. Can you supply your Merchant Id?

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Mateus avatar image Mateus Miguel commented ·

Hi miguel, thanks for your help. Unfortunately I cannot supply that info.

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Miguel avatar image Miguel Mateus commented ·

I would suggest making sure you're on the right environment. For example, using a production merchant ID on sandbox API calls will lead to this error. Unfortunately without more info, I can't further investigate. As I mentioned, I verified this is working on my sandbox account.

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