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Custom Tenders is not working?

i was trying to implement custom tender while we previously using 'clover.intent.action.PAY' but i noticed that it is deprecated so need to use 'clover.intent.action.MERCHANT_TENDER' i was trying to integrate this but unfortunately i am unable to get custom tender button in register app any help would be appreciated, let me know if you want more details regarding problem.

I am using android studio 2.2 and also using latest clover sdk by compile 'com.clover.sdk:clover-android-sdk:latest.release'

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Hi Pavan,

I would recommend cloning our android-examples repo and sideloading the extensibletenderexample onto your devkit. That project has all the code required to create a custom tender, make the custom tender button appear in the register app, etc.

Let me know if specific questions come up along the way-

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Hi Mark, I followed the extensibletenderexample app and modified it to add a custom tender button in the register app's pay screen. But even though I have renamed the "tender_name" string in strings.xml file, the button still shows up as Extensible Tender Example in both the register app and the sale app. Please help. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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