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How to accept credit cards (real time) and install an apk on clover for beta testing

We are trying to run a pilot of our app at one of client's place and we are facing two issues.

1) How to accept credit cards - when we try with some dummy cards the transaction is going through but with real cards getting an error.

2) We have a notification apk that runs on clover device. Based on our understanding, one can install a dev apk on clover device provided our developer account (email id) is associated with the client as an employee. Tried doing that but is not working. Is there any other way to install a dev apk on clover device?

Thanks in advance

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What do you mean by accept credit cards? Are you using an intent to start payment request for an order or something else?

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yes we are using an intent to start payment request.

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Can you share the code you are using to start the payment request and the exact error you are getting and use adb logcat -v timeto share the log of the payment on

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Sorry, we are placing the order from our web app with the v2 REST API. Here is the error we are seeing when we use a real credit card:

    [paymentId] => 33T2HSW2GFNTE
    [result] => DECLINED
    [failureMessage] => CRYPTO FAILURE: Probably a bad swipe or damaged card. Retry swipe or use manual card entry. Contact support if this problem persists.
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@jacobabrams was wondering if you got a chance to look at this

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