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Payeezy TeleCheck payment API stopped working

We are a merchant who have used Payeezy for our credit card and TeleCheck processing, and this morning our API calls for the TeleCheck payments started to fail. I'm trying to figure out why and what to do about it. The credit card transactions are working fine, it is just the TeleCheck ones that don't work.

Here is log information from my website that shows the request information and the response sent by the API endpoint (sensitive info removed/masked):

09-13-2023 @ 13:02:50 - Request
method: POST
user-agent: WooCommerce-First-Data/5.1.0 (WooCommerce/7.9.0; WordPress/6.2.2)
headers: Array
    [content-type] => application/json;
    [accept] => application/json
    [Authorization] => ********************************************
    [x-gge4-date] => 2023-09-13T18:02:49Z
    [x-gge4-content-sha1] => fc0fa7acb7e033a100826571a45ebf0d4474c3c1
body: {"transaction_type":"00","reference_no":"119762","customer_ref":"696","reference_3":119762,"client_ip":"","client_email":"","currency_code":"USD","ecommerce_flag":"7","zip_code":"84078","address":{"address1":"123 Test St","city":"Walla City","state":"UT","zip":"84078","country_code":"US","phone_number":"5555555555","phone_type":"D"},"amount":"269.74","check_number":"101","check_type":"P","account_number":"********999","bank_id":"999999999","cardholder_name":"My Name Here","customer_id_number":"***********","customer_id_type":0,"gateway_id":"*********","password":"********************************"}
duration: 1.16697s

09-13-2023 @ 13:02:50 - Response
code: 400
message: Bad Request
headers: Array
    [date] => Wed, 13 Sep 2023 18:02:50 GMT
    [content-type] => text/plain
    [x-backside-transport] => FAIL FAIL
    [x-frame-options] => deny
    [referrer-policy] => no-referrer
    [strict-transport-security] => 31536000
    [x-content-type-options] => nosniff
    [cache-control] => no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate
    [pragma] => no-cache
    [x-xss-protection] => 1; mode=block
    [via] => 1.1 google
    [x-global-transaction-id] => 5c17a5ca6501f94a417d75ed
    [content-security-policy] => default-src 'none'; script-src 'self'; connect-src 'self'; img-src 'self'; style-src 'self';
    [expires] => 0
    [cf-cache-status] => DYNAMIC
    [server] => cloudflare
    [cf-ray] => 80624dac88a917f0-SJC
body: Bad Request (XX) - Clover error com.clover.serverkit.exceptions.PaymentGatewayException

I talked with 6 people on Clover support line including a few from front line support, ACH department, and one guy from advanced technical support. Nobody could tell me anything about Payeezy's TeleCheck support within Clover. It was like I was talking in a different language. Hoping the developer community has some knowledge to share.

Some more relevant information is that we did get notified that our Payeezy account was getting rolled into Clover and their documentation assured us that all the ecommerce transactions would continue to work without us needing to make coding changes (See FAQ for Payeezy-to-Clover customers including the line "The Payeezy API specs that you use today to send payment data will continue to be supported for all Merchant IDs (MIDs) that have been upgraded from Payeezy to Clover."). The documentation's promise is holding true for the credit card transactions - they are working, thank goodness. But the TeleCheck transactions fail every time.

Is it possible that Clover chose not to support Payeezy's TeleCheck transactions? Is it possible that there is some error on the Clover side that they can fix for us?

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We have been using the Payeezy API for ACH/TeleCheck transactions for several years and we too have started receiving the Bad Request errors as of 9/13. We have officially been transitioned to Clover now and most of our previous ACH transactions have been moved over but we can't get any new transactions to go through the Payeezy API any more. I too saw the statement that said "The Payeezy API specs that you use today to send payment data will continue to be supported for all Merchant IDs (MIDs) that have been upgraded from Payeezy to Clover." However, I can't seem to find the statement today for some reason. So do we know for sure that the Payeezy API for ACH transactions is supposed to still be intact? Our credentials should be the same as they have always been unless they were changed because of this transition and we were not notified of this. I was trying to understand the Clover API but I'm confused on how to use it. It would be helpful to have specific examples in various programming languages to see how it is used. I would prefer to see a Javascript and C# .NET example for our situation.

I'm not receiving any response from Payeezy support. According to the Clover web site, this is supposed to work like it did before the conversion.

I also noticed in the original post that this error was captured. Is it possible that the Payeezy API is working but the gateway to the Clover API is not working?

  1. body: Bad Request (XX) - Clover error com.clover.serverkit.exceptions.PaymentGatewayException
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