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I'm unable to Install my side loader app in clover

I have created a clover sandbox account and uploaded a side loader app following your guidelines. Currently, I can see the uploaded app in the app market too. So far I have created three emulators
Which are (Clover Station 2018 API 25, Clover Mini (3rd gen) API 29 and Clover Mini (2nd gen) API 29). However, I cannot get my upload app to show in my emulator after running the python script you provided. I can even see my app in more tools > installed apps. There I have 2 options to download and uninstall the app. Clicking on download stay forever in downloading state and nothing changes after that.

App in the marketplace.

App inside the installed app.

App state in the emulator


Please let me know what I can do to get this issue fix. Thanks.

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Hi Chathuranga. When you run to download your merchant's apps to the emulator, do any exceptions or errors occur? If your app installs successfully, the script should print something like:

Updating package: com.example.yourapp from version: ?, to version: 1...

If it doesn't reach your app or prints something else about it, please post the error here so we can investigate further.

As another option to check, Clover App Updater should start up when you select the Download button in your emulator. Pulling down the menu on the top left and selecting the App Updater process will provide some additional details. Does App Updater indicate any issues with downloading or installing your app? Is it being blocked trying to install a different app in the queue?

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