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Can I use a vaulted card token from IFRAME with payment using CloverConnector and Clover Mini?

I am successfully vaulting cards using the IFRAME integration, then charging to them using the ECommerce API.

However, when I try to use the same card token to charge the card via the Clover Mini using the .NET CloverConnector, it always errors with: "Transaction failed: Token is invalid.".

Is this not allowed? Or am I doing something wrong in my CloverConnector code?:

SaleRequest request = new SaleRequest()
    ExternalId = transactionID, // 32 character ID
    Type = PayIntent.TransactionType.PAYMENT,
    Amount = Convert.ToInt64(saleAmount * 100D),
    TaxAmount = Convert.ToInt64(taxAmount * 100D),
    CardNotPresent = false,
    TipMode = com.clover.remotepay.sdk.TipMode.NO_TIP,
    DisableCashback = true,
    DisableRestartTransactionOnFail = false,
    DisablePrinting = false,
    DisableReceiptSelection = false,
    DisableDuplicateChecking = false,
    AutoAcceptSignature = true,
    AutoAcceptPaymentConfirmations = false,
    AllowOfflinePayment = true,
    ApproveOfflinePaymentWithoutPrompt = false,
    ForceOfflinePayment = false,
    SignatureEntryLocation = com.clover.sdk.v3.payments.DataEntryLocation.NONE,                

// If a Vaulted Card was provided, add the information
if (vaultedCard != null)
    request.VaultedCard = new com.clover.sdk.v3.payments.VaultedCard();
    request.VaultedCard.cardholderName = vaultedCard.CardholderName;
    request.VaultedCard.first6 = vaultedCard.First6Digits;
    request.VaultedCard.last4 = vaultedCard.Last4Digits;
    request.VaultedCard.expirationDate = $"{vaultedCard.ExpirationMonth:00}{vaultedCard.ExpirationYear.ToString().Substring(2,2)}";
    request.VaultedCard.token = vaultedCard.CardToken; 

// Request the Sale

(In case you are wondering, I'm trying to use the Clover device instead of coding to the ECommerce API from my POS so that I can take advantage of the Clover device's offline capabilities, redundant network support, etc.)


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