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Getting error "Cannot connect to your Clover device" when processing a refund to a DevKit

Hello, we're testing out a new SaleRequest and creating a RefundPaymentRequest request to issue a refund.

The SaleRequest goes through just fine, but the RefundPaymentRequest times out and if I try to ping the device via v1/device/ping, I get the following response back:

    "message": "Cannot connect to your Clover device.  
The server may be unavailable or the device may be currently processing a request.",
    "requestId": "01c14dd2-18202",
    "requestType": "PING_DEVICE",

Seems after a while, the device comes back online, I believe it was about an hour for it to response again via the v1/device/ping

We're using the node remote-pay-cloud SDK version 4.1.2



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Turns out that the connection wasn't being disposed properly in one flow and that would cause this issue.

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