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CloverGo for online and in-person payments

I have a question regarding CloverGo. I already looked at the Androind POS integration which is pretty

straight forward. Here what my solution looks like.

My solution provides Online and in-store Food ordering. We are building our own Android POS. We will connect Clover Go and process all the in-store payments. Now my question is can I use Clover Go api for online payments as well? Example: Customer wants to order from their phone/tablet and pick up the order later. They load our app or website, find the restaurant, order from the menu, we will now give them an option of paying online, they enter CC details (Keyed-in) transaction, order is now processed and they go to the restaurant to pick up the order. So my solution will use Clover Go to process both online and in-store payments using a single merchant account. Merchant can login to Clover to track all payments. Link below shows two rates for CC payments. Can my solution work with Clover Go?

Clover Go
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Clover Go is for card present payments. Payments online are card-not-present payments and having nothing to do with Clover Go. To process card-not-present payments you would need to use our ECommerce API -

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Ok Thanks David, now what about the transactions, can the customer login and see all their transactions in one place on the Clover Dashboard? Both e-commerce and in-store payments?? Will they have a single MID/Merchant account?

Also we are a developer, and our solution is the platform, So how does boarding work, do we self-board them or work with a Clover sales team to board them? Reason why I am asking is, I want to know where we get all the api Keys/Secret for the Merchant so that we can add them on our backend so that the merchants can start selling on our platform, in our use case start accepting food orders. Thx

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Yes, all card-present and card-not-present payments are in the Clover dashboard. If your integration is going to be provided to multiple Clover merchants then you need to create an App, that app needs to be approved by our team, and you need to obtain tokens via the OAuth process. Using merchant tokens for such a use case is prohibited.
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Ok thank you for the clarification David. Yes we are a platform, we will serve U.S. Merchants only, anyone with a restaurant can use our software, and if they want to integrate with Clover, as a developer we would board them or have the clover team board them. When you say "app" I assume you are talking about a Clover App and not a stand alone app?? Can this app be web based only and not a native app.

I am still in planning stages, does clover have a technical person we can reach out to? Do they assign someone when we begin to build?

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