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How are "items with variants" handled in JSON?

From this tutorial: You can create items with variants (attributes and options) from the Clover Station, but not from the Web Dashboard. What exactly are "attributes" and "options"? Are they the same as modifiers and categories? How do they appear in JSON output or excel? Essentially I want to have an item with multiple sizes and track the inventory for each, but I don't want to make a new item for each size.

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Attributes and options are not the same as modifiers and categories.

Here is a copy of the text from!/inv...

Item Groups help merchants create and manage large groups of related items. This is described to merchants as an 'Item with variants'. For example a merchants may sell a t-shirt that is available in numerous various sizes and colors. Each of the t-shirt variations is an item and belongs to the t-shirt item group. Once an item group is created it appears in Register as a single button and tapping it brings up a choice of which variation is to be sold. Before adding items to an item group you first need to create the item group, then create attributes ('size', 'color') and then options for each attribute ('small', 'blue'), then associate options with an item and then associate items with an item group. The name of an item which is a member of an item group is automatically generated by the Clover server as a combination of the item group name and the name of all the options associated with that item. It cannot be changed. If the item group name is changed, or if an option name is changed, then the item names will be automatically regenerated. An item can only be a member of a single item group and once it is part of an item group it can never be removed or moved to another item group, it can only be deleted.

"Item with variants" is the term used to describe this whole system. Ultimately if you want to track inventory and sales for different sizes you should use these item groups and each size will be a different item.

Please see the rest API for examples of the JSON. I don't remember if we support importing to/from excel. You may want to simply try it out and see what happens.

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Thank you, your response was very helpful. What if I need to have more information for an item--like a description or brand. Is there a good way to store that on the Clover spreadsheet, or should I create a separate database for that information?

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There probably isn't a good place to put a description in our current system. You could use tags to organize items by brand though. Tags allow you to loosely associate related items. See the REST API docs for more information about tags:!/inv...

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Are tags different from categories? Can I alter them from the web dashboard?

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Yes tags are general purpose, categories specifically affect the layout of items in the registry app. Categories also has a sort order and is not designed to handle large numbers of items. Tags are called Labels on the dashboard and can be edited.

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If I have items with 2 other description such as allergen and calorie both of them have 2 different values, how can I associate each of them with items.

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