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NoClassDefFoundError - Anyone experiencing this?


I'm trying to bring latest libraries to my apps and in production my updates are getting these


Has anyone experienced a similar problem?

I've tried invalidating caches & re-synching with gradle files but no dice!

Also the classes not found is not always the same one, it varies every time an update is published.

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Experiencing a NoClassDefFoundError after updating libraries in your app can be a common issue, and it is often related to classpath or dependency conflicts. This error occurs when a class that was available during the compilation time of your app is not found at runtime. Here are some common reasons and steps to help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

Dependency Conflicts: Check your project's dependencies for conflicts. Different libraries may require different versions of the same dependency, leading to conflicts. To resolve this, you can use the dependencyInsight Gradle task to see which dependencies are pulling in conflicting versions. Then, you can try to force a specific version or use a version that is compatible with all your dependencies.

Build Variants: Ensure that you are testing the same build variant that you are deploying to production. Sometimes, issues arise when you test with one build variant (e.g., debug) but deploy another (e.g., release).

Proguard/R8: If you use Proguard (or R8), it may be obfuscating or removing classes that are needed at runtime. You can check your Proguard/R8 rules to make sure the necessary classes are not being stripped out.

Multidex: If your app uses multidex, there may be issues related to the way classes are loaded. Try cleaning your project and rebuilding it to ensure the proper classes are included in the APK.

Instant Run: If you are using Instant Run during development, it might cause issues when updating libraries. Try disabling Instant Run and test again.

Clean and Rebuild: Sometimes, invalidating caches and resyncing is not enough. Perform a clean build by running the "Clean" task in Android Studio and then rebuilding your project.

Check Device Compatibility: Ensure that the devices on which you are experiencing the issue meet the minimum requirements and are compatible with the libraries and features you are using.

Testing and Logs: Test your app thoroughly on different devices and OS versions. Use logging to track the class loading and identify where the error is occurring.

If the NoClassDefFoundError is occurring inconsistently with different classes each time you publish an update, it may be challenging to pinpoint the exact cause. In such cases, it's essential to use proper logging and exception handling to get more details about the error when it happens on users' devices. ovo game

Remember that updating libraries in production requires thorough testing to ensure compatibility and stability. Always test your app thoroughly before deploying updates to the production environment.

If the issue persists, you can share more details about your app's dependencies, build.gradle files, and any relevant logcat output, which may help in identifying the specific problem.

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