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Using my developer account app id how to i get other merchant information by rest api

I have created an developer account and i got App Id & Client Secret, Using these can i get the other merchant information using rest api.
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To get the merchant information using our rest api, you will need to follow our oauth flow to retrieve an access token for the merchant as explained here. Using that access token, you can get details about the merchant associated with that access token as demonstrated in our documentation here.
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Hi Lauren,
Thanks for your response.
But I can not get idea with your reply.

I have clover sandbox account and I have installed an app in my account.
With this app, I can get APP Id and Secret Id.
I have totally two merchant in that account.I have provided the permission for both merchant.
In this case, I can access information of both my merchants.

1 . In this case, how can i get some other merchant (who is having account in clover) information with my APP Id and Secret key?

2. Or else, Whether I need to provide client id of merchant for whom I want to access information? and If means. How Can I get client Id of some other merchant by using their clover account credentials(Email & Password) ?
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You cannot do either of those things.

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Thank you.

If I cannot do any of these means, how can i get usefulness by integrating with Clover API?
or else,
What are the ways to get all merchant information?
What credentials should I have to access all merchant information?

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You are able to access the data of the merchant that has the app currently installed, via the access token specific to said merchant. You can find the routes to access that data here.

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Can you please explain clearly?
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Hi Divya,

For each app, Clover asks what permissions a developer needs, like employee read/write permissions. This not only lets Clover see what data an app requires, but also lets individual merchants decide what permissions they want to give an app.

For example, if a merchant is uncomfortable giving their customer data to third-party apps, they can choose not to download apps that require those permissions.

We want to protect our merchants’ data, so we don’t let third-party apps access any merchant information unless:
  1. The app specifically requires certain permissions to function AND
  2. The merchant consents to giving this information by downloading the app or logging into their account through OAuth.

So, you can receive a merchant’s data as long as they access your app through OAuth. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do this until you use the Production environment and your app is approved, as Sandbox apps are not available for live merchants.

Sandbox is just a place to test your app and make sure everything is working. You can implement the OAuth flow, like Lauren explained, and as long as you’re correctly connecting to your test merchant through OAuth, you should be able to connect to other merchants in the same way once you move your app to Production and it’s approved.
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