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Which SDK Do I Use


I'm having trouble determining which SDK I need to use to accomplish what I'm looking to do.

I have a client that has an old intranet where they do all their order processing. I would like to interface that with the Clover Mini device.

So essentially, the user would still enter an order into their intranet application. I would then want this order to roll down to the Clover Mini device. The customer would pay on the device and then the "paid" status would go back to the intranet application.

Is this something I can do?

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What you are describing is not app that would run on the Clover platform, but rather an integration between the client's current POS architecture, and a Clover payment device. We are currently building out tools that make that kind of integration possible - but it would typically require someone associated with the current POS provider to be involved in developing the integration itself.

You can read more here: (keep an eye out for updates in the near future.)

Short of that type of integration, the merchant would need to fully switch to a Clover account in order to use a Clover Device for payments.

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Do you have any insight regarding a more specific time frame than "near future" for when the SDKs will be available? Is it in beta now and a production version is about to be released? The Integrations page is so misleading as there is no way to join "today"

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We have two existing SDKs which are currently in development: and These will be officially published and linked to from the integrations page in the next month or so.

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