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Unable to login into Clover Mini Device

Hi Clover Guys,

We are developing Food items app using clover SDKs and we have approved Clover developer account. Now on Simulator, we are able to login into Items inventory list using our Merchant account which we are syncing from Register app but on Clover MINI device, we are not able to do login.

Now, we would like to know following things from your side.

  1. How i can remove my existing account from Clover MINI device and to login with another account as i do not see any option to do the same.

  2. We have setup our application in Clover Developer Console and updated some permission which reflected in our simulator but not reflecting in our Clover MINI Device. Do we need to follow the review process from clover in order to test this app properly in Sandbox mode on Clover MINI device.

We are expecting your prompt response on this.

Thanks, John

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In order to disassociate a DevKit, please go to the DevKit tab of your Developer Dashboard. The button that you used to "Associate" the device should now say "Disassociate". When you click on that button, it will factory reset your DevKit and reboot it without any merchant association.

There is also no review process for Sandbox, your app does not need to be published in order to be installed on your Sandbox test merchant. More likely than not, when you updated the permissions of your app, you need to then uninstall and reinstall the app via the App Market app (via web dashboard or Clover device). This will sync the new permissions with a new access token.

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