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Is it possible to take payments in Station portrait orientation?

When sending the user to the Station's payment activity, the device will only make the transition when it is in landscape orientation.

final Intent intent = new Intent(Intents.ACTION_CLOVER_PAY);
intent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_CLOVER_ORDER_ID, _order.getId());
intent.putExtra(Intents.EXTRA_OBEY_AUTO_LOGOUT, true);

When I attempt to start this activity in portrait orientation, the device will remain on its current activity until the screen is rotated into landscape.

If the device is rotated into portrait orientation once inside the payment activity, only credit card payments can be accepted since other payment options do not display on the screen.

Now that the Mobile and Mini devices are making their way into the field, the Station seems like it would be primarily merchant-facing, while the Mobile/Mini would be the customer-facing device. Are there plans to enable the full set of merchant-facing payment features in portrait orientation?

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As far as the Station device is designed, portrait mode is 'customer-facing' mode. It is possible settings to change this might be added but I am not aware of any plans to that end.

If you can clarify your question an explain what the use case is I could pass on the feedback.

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Thanks for the response, Anthony. The reason I'd love the ability to take payment in portrait mode is because our particular application is easier to use and more efficient in that mode. We find that's the orientation that the majority of our current users prefer.

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So at this time these merchants are swiveling the base plate to keep the Station facing them in portrait mode?

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We are in the process of developing a version of our app for Clover. At this time we don't have any customers on Clover Stations--only customers that are using typical Android tablets and handhelds.

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