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Custom information on standard receipt

I can print my custom receipt now, but i was wondering if there's a way to do that automatically when the user prints the standard receipt?
Is there some way to listen for that action and call an activity of mine and then print the receipt?
Im thinking this workflow: user creates the order on register app, then hits print, my app has a listener to that action, so its called and i print the receipt and get back to register app?
I guess it doesnt work the way i said in order to protect the workflow, but there should be a way to add a button of my app on clover register app so that user can click there instead of doing the standard printing...?

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You could try having a ContentObserver on PrintJobsContract.CONTENT_URI, then checking the PrintJobsContract.PrintJob.TYPE column to check the type of the receipt, and taking action on that. This is just an idea I have not tested it. No, you cannot override the print button in register to do something specific to your app. In general there's no way to override the default receipt behavior, and we only allow the most basic customization (see Smart Receipts).

EDIT: The above is incorrect. We do not expose a method to listen on the print jobs contract for changes.

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@jeff thanks for the reply.
So if i want to add some custom information to a receipt, i have to create some interface that list the orders so the device operator can select the order and print the custom receipt?
Is there no way i can add custom information when the device operator prints a receipt using the register app?

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(1) Well, I suggested something to try above. That's all I've got. (2) No, other than Smart Receipts.

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@jeff thanks :)
So i was trying what you told me, but i cant find any PrintJobsContract.CONTENTURI, only AUTHORITYURI...
Neither can i find the PrintJobsContract.PrintJob....
I've checked this docs but it isnt there...
I'm gonna check for the broadcasts meanwhile
Cheers and thanks :)

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You are right. We don't expose the URI on which to listen in our public SDK. I'm going to update the answer accordingly.

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