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Add custom information to receipt


So i want to add some custom information on the receipts which is related to each item, what i mean is if i have 5 items, i want to add 5 things (few words or a small image).
I guess i cant mess with the line items presentation, so i need to add this information to the end of the receipt.
Should i add custom text or should i use the smart receipt URL?
I guess what i really want to know is if there is any limit for the text to append. 1. The custom text will force me to create an activity to listen to 'clover.intent.action.MODIFY_ORDER', so Clover can add a button there for the user to click and do information on the receipt.
2. The smart receipt will show a link in a QR so user can check it and will be redirected to a page i want and then i can show whatever i want.
So which one is more suitable? Any thoughts? Is there any limit for the text to append on the receipt, either on option 1 or option 2?
Note: my custom information may be images and text or just text.


Edit: 16/03
I guess there is no way to test the custom text on receipts using the emulator, i have to use either the developer kit or a real device, right?

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If you want to add small amount of text below each line item, you could accomplish this with "note". Max length of the note is 4000 characters. You will not be able to add images.

If you are looking to add images as well as text, your best option may be smart receipt with URLs.

More information on this thread:

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@Sam Thanks very much for the feedback.

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