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Item sync issues between the clover device and clover web

Hi there,

We have multiple merchants writing in about syncing issues with our app, but upon investigating it appears that the issue is between the Clover backend and the Clover device. Specifically, it appears tax rates are not syncing correctly so merchants are either under or over collecting their sales taxes.

This seems to be affecting more than one user, so I am wondering if there is something going on on the Clover side and what is the best way to troubleshoot this issue? Is there a point of contact within Clover where we can discuss merchant specific issues?

For one of the merchants, we have screenshots from the web and the device showing they are out of sync.

Clover Web:


Clover Device:


Thanks in advance,

-Rares Saftoiu


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We are aware of this issue and just released a fix for it a few hours ago. Unfortunately, even with the fix impacted merchants will need to go in and make another adjustment to each item that was previously modified in order for the device to re-sync and reflect the updates.

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Thank you David for the quick response, we will let our merchants know. Much appreciated!
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Hey David, we are seeing merchants reporting this issue again, can you confirm this issue was fixed? Much appreciated!
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Are you able to provide any data or details? Ideally I would need an order ID and the ID of the item that was recently updated? I can't do much with a generic report like this.

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Hi David,

Here's another issue that cropped up this morning.

The customer's issue is that anytime he would change the price of items or variants in Shopventory, it would sync to Clover Dash with the correct price changes, but his Clover POS still shows the incorrect (old) price. The screenshots are from August 6th.

Affected items:


Guava Ice:



Additional screenshots in replies to this message.

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guava-ice-pos.png (422.6 KiB)

Puff Plus:



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puff-plus-pos.png (444.3 KiB)

Puff Bar:





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Another thing that is very frustrating is that Clover Support is telling customers that it is Shovpentory's fault this data is not syncing between the Clover Dashboard and the Clover POS and that they should just uninstall Shopventory.

Is there a technical basis for this? I don't see how Shopventory could be responsible for the syncing between the Clover backand and the Clover device, but if there is anything we need to change on our end I am happy to do it.

Thanks again for all your help.

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